Bram de Leeuw

Interaction- designer

Working as a graphic and interactive designer since 2013. Where a craftsman makes his own tool or adjusts it to get to the right shape, I have added programming to my toolset. Critical and analytical about our relationship with technology, and trying to understand it by practice.

In my free work I like to research the underlying systems that we often take for granted. Underneath every facade, of the digital products that we use on a daily basis, is a jumble of APIs and server architecture. Radio signals are constantly bouncing back and forth, and the bulk of these signals ultimately travel through thick transatlantic cables deep through the ocean. In my practice I try to make this hidden world transparent to the viewer.

I apply this knowledge in assignments, along with listening carefully and thinking critically, I strive for the most suitable solution.


  • WePlant 2021 — Present
  • XD Designers 2015 — Present
  • Royal Academy of Art (teacher, preparatory year) 03 — 05.2012
  • Broarm 2010 — Present


  • Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 2010 — 2015
  • School for Young Talent 2005 — 2010


  • Machine Learning, Stanford University Started


  • Dutch Native
  • English Good